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Brave tiger protector’s tragic death in Tengrakhali
Tue January 31, 2012

Md. Kawsar Morol, the leader of the Tengrakhali Village Tiger Response Team (VTRT) passed away in a tragic accident on Tuesday, 31 January. While inside the Shatkhira range of Sundarbans, a sudden tiger attack caused him to lose his life instantly.
The VTRTs are voluntary teams initiated by the Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh; in order to protect the villages in the Sundarbans periphery from stray tigers. The teams lead tigers away from the villages while keeping both tigers and humans safe. There are a total of 29 VTRT teams which have bravely handled many such situations through the past two years.

Kawsar had been a dedicated member of the VTRT for two years. His remarkable courage had shone through in many occasions. Most memorably, last year he led the team which dealt with a stray tiger in Mirgang. After four hours of hard work his team successfully guided the tiger back inside the forest.
He dedicated himself to work for tigers, a symbol of pride for Bangladeshis. He undertook this challenge because he felt a deep bond with the Sundarbans. It is a tragedy indeed, that in the end, he was killed by the very thing he worked so hard to protect.
The WTB family is deeply shocked and saddened by his untimely death. They remember his valiance with pride and gratitude. They expressed the deepest sympathy for his bereaved family in this time of grief.


The Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh (WTB) is a non-profit organization working to protect the biodiversity of Bangladesh. It has a dedicated team of scientists, field biologists, project managers, communication specialists and veterinarians, who are involved in different conservation projects across the country.

STP is a tiger conservation project initiated by Bangladesh Forest department in 2004 and became a part of WTB in 2008. The project aim is to create a wider network to bring together more people to help in conserving the tiger.