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TigerTeam overview

The Sundarbans of Bangladesh is a mangrove forest six times the size of Greater London. It is home to one of the world’s largest tiger populations and is surrounded by millions of people. The local people paddle through the waterways in small wooden boats, entering the forest where tigers live to collect fish, wood, and honey. Tigers also sometimes enter the villages, straying into gardens and backyards. This coexistence means tigers and people often clash.

In this setting, TigerTeam works with local communities and government to achieve positive social change, helping save tigers in the Sundarbans and bringing benefits to the villagers who live next to the forest.

TigerTeam carries out local campaigns that focus and strengthen positive emotions, creating an atmosphere that supports saving tigers. Through our "living with tigers" work, TigerTeam empowers local villagers to save the lives of humans, livestock, and tigers by providing practical support in safety training and community monitoring. Backing up all our work is a good dose of hard science to guide us in what we do and to measure the effects of our actions.